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Payment Levels and Recurring Billing - NEED ASAP!!

Hi everyone in the group.  I've recently built the calendar into my website and we've begun talks of monetization.  In a perfect world we'd like to set up our calendar in the falling fashion with different levels a person can choose when posting.  The way we organized our products are as follows:

1. If your event is free to attend it free to post.

2. If you would like your event featured in the Featured Events Section its $10.00 to do so.

3. If you are holding a 'premium' event as described as any event which is $25 or more ti attend it is $30.00 to post your event.

4. If you have many 'premium' events throughout out the month it is $49 per month (Recurring Subscription) and you can post an unlimited amount of 'premium events throughout the month.


Now.  In speaking with Bradley at length regarding out plans we are currently up against the following challenges which we are requesting that build into the product as soon as possible.

1. There is currently no 'Recurring Billing' Option.  - This is IMPERATIVE to our business model and we are kind of stuck without this option.  I have worked with Stripe in the past and I have been able to set up recurring billing via Stripe so it seems that this could be a rather simple addition.


2. As it stands now, to post an event to the calendar the you have to click the teeny teeny green bar above the calendar.  If you can navigate to the green box it then brings up that little box where you get to choose what package you want for your event post.  

We feel that this checkout process is very 'uninviting' and we would like to see the following.

A. User Clicks the Green Post Your Event Button. (This should also be able to be launched from other banners and areas and links from the site.

B. Instead of that boring box which pops up we want to use the 'Turbo Tax' Model where a big window pops up where the person can see in graphical format what they are choosing and choose the appropriate option for them.

C. Once they choose and pay they are then dropped back into the event post form where they can upload their post.

 See attached sketch as an example of how we envision the checkout process.


Let me know if you have any questions regarding this request. 

  • Corey Gleichenhaus
  • Nov 2 2016
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    Robert Whiteside commented
    November 02, 2016 22:56

    For the recurrent billing one, please rather vote on this existing one: and create  separate ideas for each other feature request so users can vote on each one and we can keep you posted on each one's progress.