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Exclude Tag or Category from Calendar Display

I think it would be awesome to be able to exclude either a particular Tag or Category from a Calendar Display. Meaning, just as one can have a calendar including only certain categories or tags then one would be able to exclude a particular tag or category from appearing within the calendar.

This would be awesome for folks looking to individualize and separate listings within their site; thus averting duplicate content for SEO results and such.

Here's one example: Say I've got a category for music. I've my main calendar page and then a separate page for music only. 
Of course I could have a calendar on that music page listing only the music category...But how would I go about avoiding duplicate content on the main calendar page?
This new shortcode would help avoid that problem.

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  • Nov 27 2016
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    Rik Logtenberg commented
    March 10, 2017 13:47

    Hello! Thanks for raising this idea!

    We will keep checking the votes for it, in order to prioritize the development of it.


    Timely Dev Team