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Easier recovery from importing a bad CSV File...


so I imported over 150 events, but I had a formatting issue with the CSV file, this corrupted all the created entries. 
The only way I could undo this was to manually delete 25 events at a time from the All Events page. This was rather slow and annoying. May I suggest an “undo” feed button. Or a means to select all events imported between a certain time range for deletion. Or actually allow CSV import to overwrite events with the same eventID. Or a preview / validation step…

It would also be nice if the CSV import accepted the CSV export format as exported from Excel.  (As per another idea)...
at the moment I have to:

To import data into website:
1) Save the workbook
2) Saveas the Website Data sheet as CSV
3) Open the CSV file in notepad++ (Free online) we need to tweak what excel exports
3a) Find and replace line feeds (LF \n) with nothing.
3b) Find and replace carrage returns ( CR \r) with line feed new line CRLF (\r\n)
3c) find and replace “” with “.
i.e. every event should only be on one line.

This increases the risks of CSV file format stuff ups.

So then I imported a few events to see I had the CSV format right, it worked OK, so did the whole file again, but there was a line further down the file that screwed up the importer. Hence delete all 150 entries again 25 at a time……

So if you have the CSV all good – then CSV importer works well. If you have a large CSV that you stuff up its annoying to fix. So there is no problem with the importer, just when the user feeds it bad data it is currently time consuming to review and fix.

Kind Regards

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  • Jan 17 2017
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    Rik Logtenberg commented
    March 09, 2017 13:59

    Hi Nick! Thanks for raising this idea.

    Yes, we are planning and implementing major improvements to our import features (both feeds and csv) and we will keep you informed about it.


    Timely Dev Team