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Show Buy Ticket button on eg, Agenda View

When an event has associated Ticketing, we want to be sure that site visitors know right away that tickets must be purchased (and that that can be accomplished via the website) and also that they have an easy, obvious way to do so. As it is, it's entirely possible for someone to check (for example) the Agenda View and decide to attend an event without ever visiting the dedicated event page. In this case, they'll never see the option to buy a ticket.

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  • Jan 22 2017
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    Rik Logtenberg commented
    March 08, 2017 21:33

    Hi Isaac! Thanks for raising this idea!

    In our WP plugins you can see the ticket button for most of the views.

    We are going to implement it on our web app as well and we will keep you informed about it.


    Timely Dev Team