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Disable Print Function from Agenda - Timely’s All-in-One Event Calendar

It would be hugely beneficial for people like myself who would just prefer a simple, clean list layout using default agenda. Also for people who don't need the print function. None of my site visitors will be printing my events, so it's not needed. It's good that there is a print function but it's even worse and quite silly that you can not disable it.


The majority of visitors surfing the web are on mobile devices. And my website specifically. I know you can print from a mobile device but whilst being mobile out and about, then many people won't have access to a printer anyway.


My events are to display availability. I use agenda because I display up to five events on one day and the list looks great. Other methods I've tried stack's them on top of each other, so you can not easily see and access them on mobile devices. So I can't switch to another method which does not show the print function as I understand that only the agenda layout has the print function. 


I would be really happy if a quick setting could be made or a little bit of code I could copy and paste somewhere with instructions to disable the print function is possible, please.


Kindest Regards

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  • Apr 27 2017
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    Rik Logtenberg commented
    April 28, 2017 13:40

    Hello! Thanks for raising this idea.
    We will check the votes for it, in order to prioritize the development.

    Timely Dev Team