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Provide an alternative XML file that includes recurring events

We want to use the our calendars in print format as well as on our sites. We have developed a great way to do so using Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. Sample PDF attached.

We have developed the methodology to create a well formatted Printable Calendar using the current XML file found on Timely sites.  The XML download is used to automatically populate the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, which then (via Excel functions/formulas) creates a table of all downloadable events. The table can then be filtered/sorted, etc. – to develop just the subset of events of interest. The table automatically creates the HTML code for formatting which can be used to create the Microsoft Word document attached.

All works very nicely – and with a few steps (about ten minutes of work) any filtered/sorted subset can be turned into a nice MS Word Document – for print distribution.

I don’t know if others would like this capability – but if so – the ability to create an XML file with all events listed on the calendar might be a nice enhancement to your system. Currently – recurring (repeat) events are generally not included by each date in the XML file.

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  • May 15 2017
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