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Include events in main blog loop

Dear timely team,

I am using the core calendar for years in one of my old website. A real need is coming from many customers : Is there a way to include and display events in the main blog loop? In this way masonry display can show both posts and events...

With my best,


  • ploupoz esteve
  • Jun 26 2017
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  • Admin
    Rik Logtenberg commented
    June 27, 2017 11:51

    Hello! Thanks for raising this idea.

    Not sure if I understood correctly what you need. What exactly do you mean when you say "posts" and "events"? Since events are also posts on WP.

    Timely Dev Team

  • ploupoz esteve commented
    June 27, 2017 12:12


    Well, I am using, as many other websites, a masonry template to display my WP posts. The issue is that all events made thanks to timely calendar don't be shown in such template... For instance, to display events in such masonry template I must wrote a post with a internal link to the event on calendar page. Hope I a mclear this time.

    You can see in this french website or in the flie enclosed



  • Admin
    Rik Logtenberg commented
    June 29, 2017 11:57

    Hello! Thanks for your answer and for the clarification.

    We will check the votes for this idea, in order to prioritize the development.

    Timely Dev Team

  • Sam Shogren commented
    03 Mar 20:38

    I also want to add a vote to this idea. I am building a tourisim website that uses a map display to show geographicaly where the stories and events are located as well as a masonary display (see the TrawelWordPress  theme) or the site

    I have been asked by my beta reviews if the events or calendar listings could also be displayed on the various map displays (see and look for the map).

    With this theme the only way to get the Timely content to be "indexed" to show on the maps is have the Timely post content "seen" by the website as a normal post. OR at least get the Timely catagories to also be included in the "normal" catagories. That way if I do a display by catagroy - events I would then display blog posts AND the Timely posts on the same search results page. I hope this makes sense. I am attaching a screen shot of the map to make it easier.


    Thanks for the help.