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New Calendar Layout Needs Improvement In Many Admin Areas

I just started using the new timely Calendar and the new Admin-Dashboard looks promising, but is still quite limited. For the price that is paid for a yearly fee on the hub, this can certainly be upgraded. I made a list below of what is really needed. These are not nice ideas, these are necessary features and functions for the Admin Area of the Calendar.

  1. Tinymce Post Editor
    What is currently there is inadequate. I cannot expect someone to post to my calendar as an Organizer with such limitations.

    This tinymce editor needs a full compliment of tinymce buttons and functions. The current version does not allow any proper editing and creation of an event. It is missing some of the most basic editing functions, such as,
    font size, left-center-right text alignment, drop list for title formatting (h1, h2, etc).

    This also means to allow for more buttons, it is cumbersome to have to use the text menu all the time.
  2. "Start - Ends" Dates / "Repeat Event", "Organizer", "Venue", "Cost/Tickets" field boxes - when event is imported.
    These drop lists and field boxes are all locked. The Admin (myself) cannot even change these, which makes no sense. Since I lease the calendar and am the owner of this Calendar, the Admin should have all / full access to everything and should be able to edit any event, no matter if imported or created new by anyone.

    I have found too many imported events to contain wrong information, a lot to do with start / end dates or the event is actually re-occurring but the import only shows it as a single day event.

    Opening all parts of the event edit window allows for corrections and updates.

    Please open these up.
  3. Clear Formatting feature under Formatting in Edit Menu
    This does not work. Also, please make it a button as well.
  4. Imported Events Need to be Placed Into Pending Status
    Sure, this can be a personal preference, so please make this an option for imported events. Default can be "Published" and the option to place the imported event to "Pending" instead so they can be reviewed. This works better for the administration of events.
  5. Filter for Event - Bulk Date delete
    This filter is a "start - end" date filter and "year" date. Purpose is to grab the expired events and delete them. You can have a pop-up that gives a warning, :"your about to delete events dated - 2014", etc. For example, I want all events listed that are of the year "2014" to be deleted, or all events between 2016 Jan and 2016 Dec all deleted.

    Reason for this bulk delete is to manage a large number of events that are imported and expired. Currently the only way to bulk delete in the list of events is check the box beside "Event" at the top of the list and then bulk delete. This is create for a couple or three pages, but if I have 98 pages, do you realize how long that will take?

    The bulk delete I am asking for is much faster for the large number of events that is needed to remove old/outdated/expired events faster and easier than spending time going page by page on the list.
  6. Import Date Filter
    Is this possible? Some imports will draw all events for several years back. No need for this. Can there be a filter for the import to only take feeds from the current date on?
  7. Need "Organizer" name listed, Not "Owner name"
    In event list, please remove "Owner" and replace it with "Event Organizer" as per the event. I don't need to know the calendar is mine, I need to see who the event organizer is in the list. If I create the event, then I list myself as the organizer, which would be sensible.
  8. Quick Edit Link feature added to the list of events (like WordPress)
    This feature is a real time saver. Currently I have to click each event to view it in the editor to make any changes to data information as "Organizer, Start-End dates, Cost/Tickets, Categories, etc. When you open the locked boxes (as mentioned in #1 above) this Quick Edit feature will save a lot of time. Like in WordPress, it only includes the important data that can be changed in this Quick Edit accordion drop.
  9. Browser Locks for several seconds Opening All Event List
    This is due to the PHP scripts. Why it locks the browser when most everything else is fast, I do not know. This needs to be fixed. If I was to open the same list in several Tabs, even when it was already opened, it locks the browser for several seconds. I tried this because I could not use "open in new tab" on the edit link, I had to open several tabs to administer the events faster.
  10. Toll Free Phone Number Needed in Venue and Organizer Module
    A fair number of organizers and venues have toll free numbers. This is an asset to people viewing the events and this information is needed when it exists. Please add this field box to both the Organizer and Venue Data module so these toll free numbers can be added.

The above are necessary and really should be added to the Calendar.

Here are a few suggestions.

  1. Drag-Drop Image To Featured Image Slot
    Able to drag-drop an image from the body of the event post and make it a featured image. This applies the same to imported events.
  2. Make the first image in the imported post a Featured Image
    There are free WordPress plugins that import feeds and do this. I am sure for this Calendar it can do it also.
  3. Make Organizer /Venue Information Imported into "Organizer" "Venue" data list
    Allow for the option, on any imported event, to take the Organizer data and/or Venue data and insert it into the list of Organizers and Venues for the Calendar by clicking a link or button. Then we can go to the Organize area and adjust the information as needed or add Logos.
  4. Custom CSS (like WordPress)
    This allows people to add some custom CSS to their Calendar. I use it all the time to tweak the Website to be better.
  5. "Event Synced From Here"??
    On the post page of the event, in the venue area of the page / bottom it says, - "Event Synced From Here"

    The "here" is linked to a ics file. I don't know the rationale for this, but as a visitor that would tell me that link is to the original event post on another website.

    This ics file link I think is counter-productive the way it is.

    It would be better to include the link to the original website event and not an ICS file.

    If you want the ICS file link on each page, then mark it as such, for example,
    "Export (or download) this sync'd event-iCal"
  • Mark
  • Jul 5 2017
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  • Admin
    Rik Logtenberg commented
    July 05, 2017 17:45

    Hello Mark. Thanks for the feedback.

    We are sending your comments to our technical team and we will keep you updated about the development.

    Timely Dev Team

  • Guest commented
    July 05, 2017 23:47

    Good points.


    Especially voting on #6.

  • Mark commented
    July 07, 2017 01:59

    This is an update to my list.

    On item#2 above, ""Start - Ends" Dates / "Repeat Event", "Organizer", "Venue", "Cost/Tickets" field boxes - when event is imported", which are locked field boxes.

    I am going to add that this is a very important item to fix.

    Why is it very important?

    On many imported events, the event details that contained event costs, ticket costs, etc, ... but... under the "Tickets" when clicked, it said "Free".  - this leads the viewer to some confusion.

    I am sure this was a bad entry by  the organizer at the original calendar, but these items really need to be opened up for us to have access and make changes so the posted (imported) event shows consistent information and confusions are corrected. That adds to the credibility of our calendars. ~ I am sure you can agree.

  • Mark commented
    August 09, 2017 19:26

    I just checked the Admin area for this new timely calendar and the admin features are now much much better. I can actually manage the events and data they hold, to make a quality calendar.

    The feeds now have the ability to ignore outdated events and the choice to place new feeds straight to a draft status for review before publishing - oooh, that was much needed!

    I can also search the Published Event list separately from the Draft list and delete old events in bulk. That was a nice one!

    I haven't checked everything, but now it appears I can manage most anything in the calendar Admin area and that makes for a more robust functional calendar.

    Thanks Timely!