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Hiding categories, tags, and/or filters

I would like to be in control of what a site visitor is able to flip between on various calendars. Allow the widget creator to show categories, tags, filters - or some of them and not others - or none at all. Reason is that I may breakdown my calendar for locations (filter), I would like a widget of that calendar for a specific location - I want the user to flip/select categories, but I don't want them to see (be able to flip/select) between locations. So I'd want to have a calendar showing categories, but not a filter.  The widget should create any combination of these (ie. on another calendar page I may want people to switch between location, but not categories - ie. an Arts & Culture page, I want that to stay consistent, but allow users to change locations/filters). This is so that I can create specific landing pages branded/sponsored.  OR, I may want to hide certain tags/filters from the public view - but want to keep them for other organization reasons.

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  • Jul 13 2017
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