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Add a secondary level for Custom Filter Group Options

I am using the Customer Filter options to add locations (not venues), i.e. San Francisco, Los Angeles, etc).

I would like the opportunity to include neighborhoods, towns, or subcities within those cities but this is not possible as a single level is all that is available in the customer filter group options.

  • Kevin T
  • Jul 20 2017
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  • Guest commented
    July 20, 2017 21:57

    Filters are good for broad searches, but they don't allow for sub-sections that are only relevant to a particular filter. Ie. A filter could be 'cities'... however, there can't be another filter beside it of 'neighbourhoods' since a neighbourhood is only relevant to a particular city... it would work better is a a Filter (as well as Categories) could have Child or sub-sets. See image.