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Current Date or No Date in title when sharing recurring events to Social (Currently shows FIRST date)

When we share a recurring event to facebook, even if it's the fourth week into the series and we grab the url for the current day, the share link title always shows a date and it's the FIRST date of the series. This really confuses our customers.

For example, if the event is tomorrow, when I share it to Facebook (even before their newest change) it has the first date of the series in the title not the actual date.

This wasn't worth asking about before because I just edited the share title but now we can't in FB. Please advise or allow us to post title without the date at all. Thanks :)


Shared per the suggestion of tech support

There can potentially be a check for the current date vs the original date of the recurring event, and the display of only the current or upcoming date. This is considered a feature request, and can be requested for our Development team to implement (if feasible) by submitting a ticket on our Ideas page, here:

Sunny Lal
Technical Support & Client Success


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  • Jul 21 2017
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  • Nate Falconer commented
    January 18, 2018 01:11

    This is a similar request. Vote here too: