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Need ability to delete RSVP's/tickets from ticketing

I currently have the free calendar and we use it at the company I work for to house our training calendar, so employees must use the calendar to RSVP for training classes they wish to attend, or are required to attend. I have this via the WordPress Plugin and the ticketing addon. This system has been working really well for us, but we do have issues with people RSVP'ing multiple times to the same class, or with them getting a ticket for the wrong class. This causes the number of tickets we have available to then be incorrect, but instead of being able to delete them, I have to just add more tickets into the event. This still causes confusion for us because when we're looking at the number of RSVP's, I have to print everything off and mark out duplicates, so that we can get the correct number of people. This also happens when someone RSVP's and then will have to be out that day; I can't delete the RSVP. I think it would be great if the free and paid calendars had the option to delete RSVP's and tickets so that the quantity does not have to be updated each time one of these issues occurs. It would be beneficial for calendars used in the corporate setting, like mine, or for community event calendars, or any calendar really. 

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  • May 4 2018
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