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Option not to show default calendar on calendar page

It would be nice if we had some control over where the calendar shows up on the default calendar page. I wanted to do something like:



(more text)

...but I couldn't because it's not possible to add text below the default calendar. You COULD do it on a different page by using a shortcode, but then the "back to calendar" links in the widget and on the event listings wouldn't work properly because they always take people to the default calendar vs. any custom calendar page you create.

Two possible workarounds I thought of:

...Either having a setting to NOT show the calendar on the default calendar page (so we could just use the shortcode where we want)

...Or being able to customize the URL for "back to calendar" buttons (i.e. in events and on the widget)

Grateful for you all, thanks!

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  • Jul 5 2018
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