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Re Ticketing addon: Integrate manual /in-person sales to reflect total sales & attendee list is a small yarn shop that uses the Ticketing Calendar Addon to sell tickets to classes. Some people buy tickets online through the AI1EC ticket feature, but others come into the store and buy a class. The store owner, Karen, says "If anyone signs up in the store I have to get online and adjust the ticket quantity availability. I also have to create a ticket in my point of sale system to document the sale. If I don't then my reports on my sales are incorrect. I have more money in card processing than what my point of sale says."
If Karen signs people up through the AI1EC ticket feature at the store (assuming they don't pay cash, which would preclude signing up online), she loses money, as she is charged a slightly higher rate when the online tickets are purchased through PayPal vs. a card swiped in person at the store. She's happy to pay the PayPal rate for the convenience of the online ticketing, but her in-store sales take less of a cut (2.7% for in-store transactions vs. 2.9% + $.30 for online transactions) so she is reluctant to use the online ticketing when the buyer is standing right in front of her and she can use her own sales system.
The question then -- or the suggestion for a feature? -- is how to add people as ticket buyers if they don't buy the tickets through the AI1EC ticket feature? The advantage for Karen, if she could add these people as ticket buyers, is that the count remains accurate as well as the sales report -- and the list of attendees.

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  • Apr 15 2018
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