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Non-ticketed events, screen (monitor) size, meta enhancement

What with an "unlimited" of events being accepted for presentation, the monitor screen fills at about 110, or about 40 days in length. Anyone looking for events beyond that date is easily deterred. If TIME.LY is used as a visitor planning guide, it fails at this point. Right now we have an additional 110 events waiting for space on the monitor screen. I think a longer page would get quickly boring (see Facebook and/or Google calendar). The best possible answer —in my mind— is a second monitor page. The division between the two pages (monitor screen) is simply by dividing categories. We are about to add an active "classes" category and with the size of that market in Western North Carolina, we will get to less than a month on screen. Secondly, we are not Ticket centric and dredge nearly all our "event" information by our own (laborious) means. It is from this information that we can charge for placing ads on the Slider. Our competitors include Facebook and Google. We cannot share with them and survive. Third, SEO is very poor at this juncture. You are not helping the promotion of your calendar customer very much without maximizing their ability ti climb Mt. Google.

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  • Oct 2 2018
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