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Mandatory Waiver or other forms

As a school who sells a lot ticketed outdoor activities, we would like the option to mandate a waiver/etc form that the ticket buyer must complete before being allowed to purchase a ticket for that event.

This form should be fully customized ie.
1) description with a 'I agree' submission
2) y/n questions - click to answer, click to submit
3) open description fields that the ticket purchaser can complete/fill in

This mandatory waiver can come in anytime during the purchase process as long as it is mandatory before the ticket buyer is able to complete their purchase and get their ticket

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  • Nov 1 2018
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  • Justin Clegg commented
    November 01, 2018 20:54

    Yes, this is exactly what our client/school (and I suspect many other schools) would like to have. This would be helpful especially for Field Trips and excursions


    Rgds, Justin