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Enable Next and Previous navigation links under calendar events (but not posts) to be suppressed

Some WordPress themes (including Twenty Seventeen) have Next and Previous navigation links under single posts.  The same nav links appear under single AI1EC events.  In the case of events, users would naturally expect these links to take you to the next or previous event in time, ie to enable you to navigate chronologically.  But they don't.  In fact, they take you to the next or previous event in the sequence in which they were entered in the database.  This can produce some surprising, and frankly confusing, results if events have been added in anything other than strict chronological order.

Keeping the nav links for posts (which are typically entered in the same order in which they are published) is quite useful.  So what is needed is a way of suppressing the links for events only.  Timely Support came up with the following CSS code which does the trick:

.single-ai1ec_event .post-navigation {display: none !important;}

My suggestion is to make this feature more easily accessible by having it as a check-box option in Settings. No code would then be needed to suppress the Next/Previous nav links under events but not posts.  Since you already have the single line of code needed, I'm hopeful that this would not be onerous to implement.  But it would be very useful.

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  • Apr 8 2019
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